The acquisition or sale of a business is a complex undertaking.  It does not matter your role in the process, you need an attorney who understands the business and who takes a comprehensive approach to the legal and business issues that arise during the transaction.

The acquisition or divestment of a business is usually accomplished by the sale of its assets, including its land and buildings, equipment, and inventory, the sale of its stock or other ownership interests, or the merger of the purchased company with the buying company.   During any of these processes, Bruce Huntington can provide you with legal counsel and practical guidance.  He has experience advising and assisting clients with all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, including:

  • Due diligence: seeking information or providing it for the purpose of evaluating or verifying a business’ legal and financial soundness
  • Negotiating the structure of the transaction: this includes issues related to taxes and tax planning
  • Negotiating and drafting the purchase agreement: in addition to the purchase agreement, this would also include ancillary agreements such as technology licenses and assignments, service agreements, and other contracts
  • Assisting with the documentation of any third-party or seller financing
  • Addressing regulatory and compliance issues including securities laws

Bruce has extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures and he has worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large public corporations.

If you would like to learn more or you need to schedule a consultation with Bruce, contact him at 574-234-3900.