Business issues arise all the time in real estate.  Some are simple, but others are complex and can lead to protracted legal battles that delay projects and increase costs.  If you are involved in a real estate transaction of any kind and you want to make sure your rights are recognized, having a real estate attorney in your corner is essential.   Bruce Huntington can help.

Bruce can assist you with a variety of business issues in real estate, including:

  • Business Formation
  • Business Disputes
  • Conflicts involving the sale and purchase of stocks and other securities
  • Issues with business property
  • Compliance with business regulation and laws
  • Improper use of protected business information, such as copyrighted and trademarked materials
  • Helping to negotiate, draft, and review business contracts
  • Addressing business termination or transfer issues
  • Helping a company shift or change organizational structure

Every real estate transaction is unique and it is impossible to predict what issues might arise.  Even if you are an experienced professional in the industry and you have dealt with numerous transactions, it can still be difficult to anticipate all of the problems that can occur.  You need to have a plan in place no matter what might be on the horizon.

There is too much at stake and you have invested too much time and money into your situation to handle it on your own without expert legal guidance.  For more information or to schedule a consultation with Bruce to discuss your real estate matter, contact him at 574-234-3900.