Civil litigation is designed to resolve a wide variety of disputes, including those related to contracts.  Working with an attorney who is experienced in dealing with business and contractual matters can save you a great deal of time and money when trying to resolve a dispute.

An attorney can evaluate the statute of limitations for your claim and explain to you window of opportunity available in which you can pursue damages for your claim.  When action is not taken within the statute of limitations, your right to receive damages for the claim will be forever lost.  An attorney can also provide the appropriate knowledge, training, and skill to best present your argument to the court.  He or she will also field communications from the opposing party on your behalf, alleviating a great deal of the stress that comes with contract disputes.

Contracts are supposed to impose duties on parties and be enforceable according to the terms but it is still possible for disputes to arise.  When questions of breach arise, it is crucial to have the counsel of an experienced litigation attorney.

Bruce Huntington has been representing the interests of individuals and businesses in breach of contract litigation for many years.  He has worked with those who have suffered damages as a result of the failure to perform a duty on time or according to the terms of a contract and he understands how challenging it can be to resolve these issues.

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