For years, Bruce Huntington has been helping aspiring business owners launch their businesses.  He offers high-quality legal services and personalized attention and helps them navigate the legal world of business.  He has experience with business formation and organization, so no matter what type and size of your business, he is able to help you start it on the right foot.

Forming LLCs and Corporations

Are you an entrepreneur with a fresh business idea? Are you a professional who wants to form a corporation or LLC? Or are you an investor who wants to purchase an existing business?

Bruce can help.  He listens to clients and assesses their business plans and the helps them determine which type of business entities will be most appropriate for them.  Your business formation affects so much about your business, from taxes and liability to how the day-to-day operations are run.

Choosing the right organization from the very beginning can have a significant impact on your ultimate success.

In addition to helping you choose the right business formation and organization, Bruce can provide the necessary documents you need to get things up and running.  He can help you with shareholders’ agreements, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, vendor agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and employee policies.

For years, Bruce has assisted business owners with setting up their businesses.  If you would like to discuss your options or you are ready to establish a corporation or an LLC, he can help.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Bruce Huntington at 574-234-3900.