Real estate disputes can be expensive and wreak havoc in your life.  It is important that if you find yourself involved in a real estate dispute, you work with a civil litigation attorney who understands the industry and can ensure that you do not misunderstand the terms of any contracts and that you know where you stand.  Bruce Huntington can help.

Are you involved in a real estate transaction that seems to be going amiss? Are you confused about the terms of a purchase agreement? Has someone backed out of a transaction? Are you a landlord dealing with a tenant violating the terms of a rental agreement? Have you received notice that you are being sued in relation to a real estate matter?

All of these scenarios and more can be handled efficiently, but only if you have the guidance and support of an experienced attorney.  Bruce Huntington can help.

Bruce has experience advising clients in both commercial and residential purchases.  He is able to draft and review purchase agreements, litigate landlord/tenant disputes, deal with construction defects, file and defend foreclosures, draft and review buy/sell agreements, and handle various land use and development issues.  He understands local real estate laws and can explain your rights and your obligations in a manner that helps you know what is expected of you.  He is also able to file and defend civil action when real estate disputes arise.

If you need assistance with legal issues related to real estate, Bruce Huntington can help.  Contact him at 574-234-3900 for more information or to schedule a consultation.