If you are involved in a real estate project, you need a zoning lawyer with experience and success with a variety of issues.  This includes special issues, as well as all of the day-to-day land use and zoning matters related to the operation and renovation of real estate assets.  Bruce Huntington can help.

Bruce has represented major commercial, residential, industrial, and master planned developers with zoning and licensing issues.  He is able to obtain approval for a variety of projects in an efficient manner.  He has the knowledge and expertise needed to help clients take real estate projects from conception to final approval.  He has experience with all types of zoning matters, including but not limited to:

  • Zone changes
  • Development agreements
  • General and comprehensive plan amendments
  • Master plan developments
  • Use permits
  • Variances
  • Easements
  • Building permits and entitlements
  • Abandonments
  • Annexations
  • Design reviews
  • Waivers
  • Subdivision and plat maps
  • Interpretation Issues
  • Code enforcement and property violations
  • Referendums

Legal matters related to real estate transactions tend to be complex.  This is especially true when zoning issues arise.  You need someone on your side to handle the complexities of zoning.  Working with an attorney who has experience dealing with zoning issues, as well as access to local resources and an understanding of how the system works in your area can mean the difference between a successful project and one that fails. Bruce Huntington understands what is at stake.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Bruce to discuss your real estate project, contact him at 574-234-3900.